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Duke Faklaris – Finance/Accounting Director


I met my wife, Carol, at Western Illinois University, where I played soccer and obtained a Liberal Arts degree. After we married, I pursued a second degree (in Accounting) and we settled in Metamora, Illinois, where we raised our four children. While there, we were active in coaching local sports, serving as school board members, and getting to know the parents of our kids’ friends.

For more than 30 years, I have worked in accounting and finance. I have worked for large and small firms, traveling to Europe and throughout the U.S., and have gained real cultural respect for how various locations conduct business. Premier Fabrication is the size of company I find most rewarding. I work every day with neat personalities and team players. The days pass quickly! It’s the reason I said ‘yes’ when asked to join Premier.


The most rewarding part of my job is...
1. Learning something new and feeling the thrill of mastering that something.

2. Being part of a team.

3. Working for a company that “makes” things

Outside of work I enjoy...
I enjoy traveling to new places, playing with three lively granddaughters, and listening to audio books on my phone while walking or exercising.
If I could learn one new skill it would be...
To learn to play the piano. I started to practice as a grade schooler, but my family moved, and had to leave our family piano behind.
My favorite meal is…
A juicy steak, with macaroni & cheese.
My favorite family tradition is…
Having lots of family over to our house for Thanksgiving. We cook at least two turkeys, watch football, and play various card and newly discovered board games.
Words to live by…
“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” (Albert Einstein)