Logistics and Project Management

Logistics and Project Management


Logistics-and-project-managementHaving trouble staying on budget?

Our team of project managers work on projects large and small, into the millions of dollars. Don’t get lost in the details, let our team work with you to keep production on track. Whatever your goals, our team will work with you to accomplish them. We treat our customers fairly. We do everything we can to prevent costly change orders.

Working on a tight lead time?

Our team will hit the ground running. We often start producing shop-ready drawings during the bid phase when time is short. We believe that is the best way to earn our customers’ trust.

design-teklaTired of a lack of communication?

We believe in trust and communication. You will work directly with the team responsible for the work being done. Honest pricing and transparency are two fundamentals of our business. Do you feel you can trust your current supplier?

Tired of shopping around?

Our pricing is fair, our value is top-notch, and our team is committed to your success. We want lifetime customers. Throughout this site, you’ll find testimonials from customers from companies of all sizes who have chosen Premier. We hope you will too!

“As an advisor for Premier Fabrication, I’m very impressed with the dedication, professionalism, and level of consideration for their employees’ safety and wellness.”
Ed HueyManufacturing SpecialistIMEC