Ongoing Improvement: Barcode System

Premier recently implemented a barcode-based tracking system to measure the flow of work through the shop. The new system reduces the labor-hours associated with tracking jobs manually via spreadsheet. It also improves the timeliness of available data. Previously, numbers and data were processed and available by the end of the day. Now, results are available on demand. Any potential issues can be resolved before they cause delays.

Why does this matter to you? Part of a healthy organization is process review. When we streamline our processes, we save costs. When we save costs, we can price our products more competitively. Our ultimate goal is to provide maximum value to our customers for a fair price.

Does your current manufacturing partner have a culture of process improvement? Continual improvement is a Premier distinctive. We practice Lean Manufacturing and 5S in our shop. Visitors consistently compliment us on our tidy shop floors and excellence in organization. We want customers to see the same pride of ownership in every project we touch.

If you are a current customer, we hope you already see the value we provide. If you’re considering Premier as a future partner, why not contact us and see what you’ve been missing?

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