Tillage Equipment for Agriculture

Since 2010, Premier has been manufacturing components for large tillage equipment. Premier recently partnered with a large manufacturer to provide components to help relieve an over-worked shop. Demand for their spring products caused their shop to be overwhelmed by demand. An existing partnership with Premier made it a natural fit.

Premier is not simply manufacturing these components. As part of our strategy to become a ‘trusted advisor’ for our partners, we try to add value to every project. In this case, Premier helped streamline fixture designs and prints to expedite and assist in the manufacturing process. Well-designed fixtures give repeatable results with tight tolerances, which is critical for any sub-assembly.

“This project has helped streamline our process, and helped us recognize some issues upfront,” said Client Services Director Darrell Stoller. “The goal is to take the information from the customer and push it through the floor one way, without having to bring it back to the start to make changes.” To minimize rework, a design detailer was included at the beginning of the process to mark up prints. A member of the detailing team inspects a physical piece part to accurately place weld symbols. Premier brings welding expertise to every project. Employees typically have a strong background in manufacturing, which yields critical insights before manufacturing begins.

When a detailer adds weld symbols at the front end of a project, the project can move smoothly through the shop. Since customers must sign off on print modifications, adding weld symbols during the process can halt production, increasing lead times. Having the weld marks right from the beginning reduces wasted time waiting for approval, and helps Premier quote the project more accurately, at a more competitive price.

“So far, we have continued to meet or exceeded every deadline, with total success on quality to date,” says Stoller. In this instance, the customer has been pleased with the results, and we hope to continue building the relationship by proving ourselves as their trusted advisor for manufacturing.