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Scott Aberle – President & CEO


In my previous work with a large company, I had opportunity to learn from some exemplary leaders while working with teams in multiple locations. When I got a call to take the helm at Premier, I saw an occasion to return to my manufacturing and agricultural roots—and work more intimately with customers and employees to serve, build, and help unlock potential. With the conviction that God leads us with purpose, we moved our family in 2008 and I joined the Premier team.

We are fortunate here to have a rich heritage of principled leadership and a strong community work ethic. It is thrilling to watch people grow and make a difference in our customers’ and each other’s lives. I believe we are all stewards of what we are entrusted with: time, talent, people we lead and serve, and our customer’s trust. I count it a privilege to be part of a group that creates solutions and makes positive impact.


The most rewarding part of my job is...
1. Often it’s the simple things . . . like seeing the excitement in the eyes of team members when they reach a goal, hearing the sounds of skilled metal working in the shop, watching people create something meaningful out of raw steel.

2. Being a part of and making a difference in people’s life-journey.

3. Earning and maintaining our customer’s trust.

Outside of work I enjoy...
I admittedly love to socialize . . . I appreciate the value of relationships with my family and friends: spending time with my wife and children, having a meal together, sharing experiences, and a good cup of coffee make for great memories. I also love the gift of music—having been involved with choral singing, piano, guitar, and a harmonica since I was a kid—I still use the piano as a way to unwind in the evening. With my farm background, I still enjoy the smell of cut grass and fresh turned earth—and I like to spend time in our yard. And being curious by nature, I love to read—history as well as books on leadership and the old West.
If I could learn one new skill it would be...
Since childhood, I’ve enjoyed airplanes and flight. Piloting aircraft, especially high performance jets, through time and space has a thrilling appeal . I think it’s the combination of raw power and the ability to soar that makes this something I’d like to do.
My favorite meal is...
Growing up, we had a large garden and raised livestock . . . so I still enjoy a good steak or pork-chop with garden fresh vegetables and a fresh fruit pie. As I’ve had opportunity to enjoy many foods not native to the mid-west, a good meal is also about the company and ambiance . . . good food, good friends, good conversation—that’s what it is all about.
My favorite family tradition is...
In our family, my wife, Dorine, makes a special chocolate cake with butter cream frosting for our immediate family birthday celebrations. Believe me, its “to-die-for”—and when it’s your birthday, you get to pick your favorite meal or restaurant—then we top it off with a piece of this heavenly cake!
Words to live by...
“Life is a God-given journey: know your purpose, exercise your talent, and strive to live without regret.”