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Rod Wiegand – Sales & Estimating

employee-rod-wiegand-268x178I started at Premier as a co-op in high school, and quickly started welding. I grew up on a farm, and had previous welding experience. I later worked as a welder in our production department and as a welder/fabricator in our custom department. Eventually, I began running bigger jobs as the lead man. I’ve managed the custom division as the supervisor, and for quite some time I’ve handled our service department and walk-in/retail sales. Now I’m estimating and working with customers as part of Premier’s sales team.

I think my people skills have grown a lot since I’ve been here. Interacting with a wide variety of people (both within Premier and with customers) has taught me how to treat people individually, because no two people are the same. I like troubleshooting for customers, listening to what they want, and working on a solution together. As the company grows, I would love to be part of a product development team.

Premier has an awesome team environment–it’s not cutthroat. It’s not like if you trip, someone’s going to run you over. More likely, someone will reach out to help you up. We are given a lot of freedom to step up and take chances. For example, I detail some of my own work now because I’ve been given the freedom to try it out––to learn. I try to always keep in mind that I don’t know everything. Life is a journey, and every downfall is a learning experience.

I feel confident moving into the future with Premier. I think the risks we take are calculated risks. That gives me a good comfort level in my job. I think management here is solid. Most of leaders have grown up in the company and started working out on the floor. That gives you a sense that you can work hard, put in an honest day’s work, and it won’t go unnoticed.

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