Barge Spouts

Barge Spouts



Barge-Spouts-WilhelmWe combine fabrication experience and structural expertise to offer bulk material delivery systems for river terminals and rail unloading facilities. The cornerstone of these systems is our Premier Spout, designed by Premier’s John Wilham. John has a lifetime of experience in the inland marine and material transportation industries. His design incorporates several elements that make the Wilham Spout the natural choice for demanding applications:

  • UHMW (Ultra-High Molecular Weight) Sliders for high wear life
    and low maintenance
  • Heavy-Gauge Materials
  • 60,000-Bushel Rate for high-volume processing centers

Custom-Barge-SpoutSite-Specific Approach

We believe in partnership. Every loading system faces unique challenges, whether from handling a wide variety of materials or from diverse geographic conditions. Partner with Premier throughout the entire construction process to ensure that each challenge is addressed.


The inland marine industry is screaming for innovation. Operator misuse causes excessive downtime, equipment damage and (at times) personal injury. Premier is committed to leading the charge for better regulation, innovative design improvements, and data-driven analysis. Each of these pursuits will only improve the lifespan and performance of our products. Our goal is to become your trusted partner for bulk material loading. We see our customers as lifetime customers. Join us in bringing technology to life! Get started today.

“Premier Fabrication is exactly what we look for in a partner. They provide us with a quality product that is always on time and no matter what the situation, they always treat us with honesty and respect.”
Kirk AndersonVice PresidentPJ Hoerr, Inc.