Custom Fabrication


Do you have an idea for a unique design for fabrication?

Our team can take a drawing on a napkin and turn it into a beautiful finished piece. You don’t need to know fabrication, just connect with our custom department to talk details!

custom-metal-fabrication-bucketDo you want to customize a product/tool for a specific application?

Jobs are not created equal. You might have a tool that would be perfect for your needs if only it would _____… Talk to our sales team, and let us help you make your job a little bit easier. We can create a customized version of your favorite tool and help you become more productive!

Are you designing a large-scale art piece?

If you are a designer looking for a fabricator for your large-scale installation, look no further. Our team can translate your design into a high-quality finished piece much more easily than you’d think. From small customized metal wall-hanging pieces to large free-standing installations, our team will deliver high quality and great customer support.

“One of Cargill’s core values is integrity. Premier is a shining example of how business should be conducted. It is obvious to me that Premier had their priorities aligned to meet customer expectations and will experience continued success.”
Mark PottsTerminal ManagerCargill