Engineered Systems

Premier Barge Loading Equipment

Bulk Material Delivery Systems to Keep Your Facility Running Efficiently

You are responsible for helping customers successfully transport their bulk materials in a timely manner. For this process to go smoothly, you need equipment that functions correctly every time. Old, outdated, and inefficient equipment costs you and your customers' valuable resources.

Advanced Spouts for Efficient Loading

Feel confident you're providing your customers the best transloading service available with Premier's high-speed barge loading equipment. Our proprietary telescoping design drives efficient loading times by minimizing typical barge handling and by maximizing the days you can operate — regardless of high water, low water, or anything in between.

Made from quality steel - our spouts have all the features you need to operate your port or loading facility at maximum capacity.

PF Barge Spout Kentucky 6-15_MOR_7750c
PF Barge Spouts Kentucky-Indiana 05-15_IMG_8607

Long Lasting Barge Loading Equipment

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UHMW Slider Operation

High wear life & low maintenance

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Heavy-Gauge Materials

Grain, coal, rock, sand, and more

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Dust Mitigation

Increase safety with less dust

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60,000 Bushel Rate/Hour

High speed and volume

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Modular Design

Universal fitting to most ports/loading facilities

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All Electric

Environmentally friendly