Prototype To Production

Prototype to Production

From Prototype to Production - Our Team is Ready for You

You need partners you can trust. We understand how frustrating it can be when projects are mishandled, resulting in lost profits, extra fees, and unmet deadlines.

At Premier we are focused on understanding your business as well as your product, never settling for "good enough", and doing right by our clients every step of the way.

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Get a response from our team within 24 hours to begin discussing your project.

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We measure our success by the quality of products and relationships we build.

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Over 45 years helping entrepreneurs to corporations with their production needs.

Prototype to Production Services

Contract Manufacturing

You focus on what you do best and let us handle the part we do best - the manufacturing process. While you sell and scale your business, we will manufacture and assemble your products. We handle short lead times and seasonal product increases.

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Design Services

Inventors: start strong with a team of design experts. We can create a prototype of your product, improve an existing tool, and/or provide you with production-ready prints for your project. Whatever your invention, we can help!

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Bottlenecks in your process, limited space, warranty claims, and long lead times can cause strain on your business and unnecessary costs. We help you identify where the weak points in your production process are and help you address those areas for maximum efficiency. We can build your product from a sample part, print, or napkin sketch. Known for their innovation and creativity, our craftsmen are ready for you.


"Clarks Ag Supply has worked with Premier for years. They have always worked hand-in-hand with our company, meeting our demands on promptness, quality, and cost. Very professional!"

Tom Beck - Owner, Clarks Ag Supply

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Working with Premier is Easy

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Start by meeting with a Premier Advisor. We'll ask key questions so that we understand your business and how we can provide the most value.

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Next, our team puts their heads together and proposes a solution with a plan of action. We'll send you a proposal and discuss next steps.

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Lastly, when you decide to partner with us we deliver the highest quality product to you - on time and within budget.