If it’s steel, chances are we can make it. Premier Fabrication understands that results are a product of performance and trust. We perform many services and meet demanding deadlines for our customers. Our team produces high-quality components through cutting, forming, machining, welding, painting, assembly and quality assurance.

We serve customers of all types, from large international manufacturers to local entrepreneurs. Whether you need large-scale production or one-of-a-kind custom piece, we will exceed your expectations.

Our sales, design and quality teams work directly with production. Each team reviews products to ensure best practices and Right Solutions.

Our Leadership Team has 150+ years of combined manufacturing experience. Here is an overview of our current production capabilities:


Looking for accuracy?

Our cutting tools are cutting-edge. Get laser accuracy and 1 inch capacity (mild steel) on our Cincinnati CL850 or torch cutting up to 3 inches (mild steel).

Laser Cutting up to 1 inch mild steel, 1/2 inch aluminum and stainless steel
Plasma Cutting up to 2 inches mild steel
Torch Cutting up to 3 inches mild steel
Band Saw up to 40 inches wide x 16 inches round


Press Brakes – multiple Press Brakes up to 155T,  including 6-axis back gauge forming
Pipe Bender – 3-Axis, up to 3 inches round
Sheet Roller – up to 1/8 inch thick, 4 feet wide


CNC Vertical Mills – Bed Size up to 28 inches x 48 inches with work envelopes up to 60″ x 26″ x 25″
CNC Lathe – 15″ diameter x 21″ capacity
Manual Lathe (turning, boring, facing, grooving, drilling, tapping) – Most steels up to 12 inches diameter, 5 feet in length depending on the application


Our AWS D1.1-qualified welders take pride in their workmanship.

Use Premier’s welding services for mild steel, aluminum, and casting welding.

• GMAW (Gas-Metal Arc Welding) – aka MIG Welding
• SMAW (Shield-Metal Arc Welding) – aka Stick Welding
• GTAW (Gas-Tungsten Arc Welding) – aka TIG Welding


• 60 feet long x 16 feet wide
• Wet Paint
• Shot Blast Line (5 feet wide x 2 feet high)


Running out of production space?

Our assembly team will free up valuable production space in your facility. We can assemble small sub-assemblies or large assemblies with a great attention to detail. Our assembly customers often grow into manufacturing partners as they learn to appreciate the value our team provides.


Are warranty claims hurting your bottom line?

Third-party quality audits can help reduce warranty costs. Catch issues before they become warranty claims. Our team will review every part against the print to ensure consistent quality. Most issues can be resolved before products go into the field.

“As an advisor for Premier Fabrication, I’m very impressed with the dedication, professionalism, and level of consideration for their employees’ safety and wellness.”
Ed HueyManufacturing SpecialistIMEC