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Ryan Farney – Production Supervisor

employee-ryan-farney-268x178I applied at Premier after graduating high school because I knew they were hiring. They hired me as a production welder. I didn’t know how to weld when I started, but they trained me to be a welder and helped me get 2G certified. I’ve been here seven years now, and I’m invested in the success of this company.

I think Premier looks for the right people to invest in–to train their way. We have a certain quality level we try to hit, and a specific way of doing things. We need the right people that can come in and work right alongside the rest of the team.

The guy that trained me (my boss) was not an “iron fist” type of manager. He was patient and worked with me to improve my skills. I respected him more for being that way. He always worked hard too; always running 100 miles an hour. He showed me what it meant to be a good supervisor.

Being at Premier, I’ve really learned what hard work can get you. I think hard work is about going above and beyond what is expected of you. To move up at Premier, you have to keep pushing above what is required.

I’m not sure what my next move at Premier will be, but I would like to eventually move back to first shift, still supervising. I don’t really see myself working at a desk, but it’s good to know there are so many options available to me if I keep working hard.

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