LEAN Manufacturing

lean-mfg-meetingLEAN manufacturing is a system for continuous improvement. What does that mean for you? In a word: VALUE. We review our processes constantly, always looking for a better way. Every employee is empowered to improve our processes.

The primary focus of LEAN manufacturing is removing waste. For example, many traditional methods waste resources moving and storing materials. In LEAN methodology, that is called ‘transportation waste.’ LEAN defines ‘waste’ as any activity that does not add value to the end user. Premier employs many LEAN principles to maximize value to its customers.

Whether we are your private-label manufacturer or sub-contracted Quality Control unit, know that we are constantly improving. Better processes equal more value and better lead times for your money.

“One of Cargill’s core values is integrity. Premier is a shining example of how business should be conducted. It is obvious to me that Premier had their priorities aligned to meet customer expectations and will experience continued success.”
Mark PottsTerminal ManagerCargill