Private-Label Manufacturing

Private-Label Manufacturing


Custom-Welding-and-Welding-FixturesDo you need a manufacturing partner?

Many companies have great products with no way to manufacture them. We partner with businesses as a private-label manufacturer. Choose Premier for years of manufacturing and fabrication excellence.

Are you having trouble manufacturing your product at a reliably high quality level?

Not every company is great at manufacturing. We are. Offload the manufacturing process to Premier and get back to selling. We want to be your partner in creating a great product!

Do you have more orders than you can fill?

We will scale our manufacturing to meet your needs. We will help you find the optimal size for production runs. Our commitment to Lean Manufacturing means stock levels will settle at the right levels for your business.

Manufacturing-PartnerDoes seasonal business overwhelm your manufacturing capabilities?

Some businesses see a big increase in orders at certain times of the year. We will help you manage production levels to anticipate and meet the need before work hits the backlog.

Are excess lead times hurting your sales?

Sometimes a customer needs your product right away. If your manufacturing facility cannot meet the customer’s requirement, you might lose the order. At Premier, we keep things Lean, meaning we continually review each process. That keeps lead times to a minimum and keeps customers happy.

“Clarks Ag Supply has worked with Premier for years. They have always worked hand-in-hand with our company, meeting our demands on promptness, quality, and cost. Very professional!”
Tom BeckOwnerClarks Ag Supply, LLC